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Vote No for Now to SEIU

Ballots mailed on Monday May 15th, 2017

Must be received BEFORE June 6th, 2017

Your Vote is Your Voice
Opposing SEIU Union Representation


Hi all,

I, like others, spoke with a representative from this union is December 2016 with a request to learn more information about the possibility of a union. Several of you reported you have been told I am voting for the union by the current union team: this information is not accurate. I am not sure of my overall opinion of a union (in general), but I do not support the practices of the union vote before us at this point in time.

I am sending in a certified letter today to revoke any materials this organization has reflecting a "yes" vote for me. If any of you all need to send a letter to clarify your vote, I attached an example letter you can use that I created from the model letter on the NTT site Nina mentioned.

If anyone shows up at your home/office, in your classroom, in your LIFE and you do not wish for them to stay present, please call the police if you need to. We all need to stay safe and practice boundaries in the ways our individual values dictate. Indeed, please do vote.

Amy Moore
Adjunct Faculty
Human and Organizational Development

Dear Colleagues,

I strongly urge you to exercise your right to VOTE in the current union election.  I also encourage you to VOTE NO.

I have been excluded from the voting unit because I did not teach in Sprint 2017. However, I and my colleagues who also have been excluded (roughly two-thirds of NTT Peabody faculty!) contribute to the University’s mission of "scholarly research, informed and creative teaching, and service to the community and society at large."

SEIU fails to understand the synergy across the pillars of research, teaching, and service. SEIU has a simplistic view of the University’s mission, as teaching only. SEIU simply does not understand higher education.

For unionization to be effective, optimal conditions and integrity of approach are essential. Unfortunately, several researchers have noted that unions tend to operate in "decidedly undemocratic ways" and their representation tends to ". . . marginalize racial minorities, women, and the young" (Williams & Halcoussis, 2014, pp. 213, 225).

SEIU’s push for unionization at Vanderbilt has been anything but democratic and empowering. They have used aggressive, scare tactics and selectively excluded many voices. Absent optimal conditions, how can we expect benefits as a result of SEIU representation?

I encourage you all to vote so that your voice is heard.  If you have been excluded from the voting unit, please contact the National Labor Relations Board and request a ballot.


Carol T. Nixon, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Human and Organizational Development
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Mayborn 203D
Office: 615-322-7920